Content Ideas for Every Niche During COVID-19

Did you know there are currently 83,412 confirmed cases from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of April 08, 2020.

And we have no idea how many people will be infected in future with coronavirus.

It impact on everything including our work. Business owners & individuals are unaware of what to do and ultimately there businesses suffer. They are confused what steps should they take to decrease the risk and we know that it is the biggest challenge for most of the brands and individuals right now!

But over the past few weeks we spent hours using Ahref only to come up with a handful of content ideas that will helpful for businesses as well as individuals during this tough time.

In this blog, you will find content ideas that will help you formulate a business rebuilding plan to protect your business and replenish it in the future.

The very first topic is

1. Travel Insurance

The topic of travel insurance has boost up again. Nowadays people who canceled travel or who have to travel in future make sure that they cover with insurance if they get sick in future. Many people are also looking for information on travel insurance and they have many questions in their mind right know like:

Q1. What does my travel insurance cover?

Q2. How does my travel insurance policy treat COVID-19?

Q3. If I do not have an existing travel insurance policy, can I buy a policy that will cover COVID-19 for an upcoming trip?

Q4. Does my travel insurance policy cover me if I cancel an upcoming trip because I am concerned about COVID-19?

Q5. What medical coverage will my travel policy afford me if I contract COVID-19 while I am traveling?

Traveler travel – its what they do. We are here not to say whether it is safe or not. But we think it is the high time. As we heard it is better not to take risk right now. If you are brand representative or a individual please spread some clarity regarding this.

content ideas

2. Online Courses

Social distancing is the best medicine to tackle with COVID-19. People are getting bored and they are looking for ways to spend their time in home. Considering that you can create content on “how you can work from home” or “how to create office at home”.

For the first time people are working from home and what they need is to stay focus. You as a brand offer motivational video or content ideas so that they work efficiently and focus in their work.

3. Working from Home Tips

Some people feel working from home is the newfound freedom but it also comes up with responsibility as well. Here are some useful tips if you are dealing with situation for the first time. Check it out

  • Be disciplined
  • Set your working hrs
  • Have more social interaction
  • Separate space to work from space to rest
  • frequently take short breaks

4. Finance

We are in the middle of a pandemic and the market is not prepare for this. And this is why many of us asking question like – Do I need to re-evaluate investment?

Many people are unexpectedly looking for unemployment and they have no idea what to do. Informative tips and guides could be helpful for them. You can go with some topics like “how to invest money”

People also have some questions regarding Finance in COVID-19:

Q1. can I claim short-term disability due to quarantine?

Q2. How do I differ my mortgage payments?

Q3. The value of my investment dropped. what should I do?

You can also create some content on these topics.

content idea covid19

5. Indoor Workouts

Right now health is very important for all. We think you need to cover the topics that might be useful like “How to get health insurance”

people have to stay home but they also trying to be healthy. What you can assist them in this?

You can go for “How to strengthen your immune system” or “how to protect yourself from COVID-19”. if your brand is medical expert or you have yoga school you can try these topics.

NOTE: False information can damage lives as well as the reputation of your brand. So research hard before writing.

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6. Cooking Recipes

Everyone’s first priority during this pandemic should be safe and healthy. But maintaining your health can be equally important. For the first time entire families are at home everyday. They avoid restaurant and make their meals at home. So you could share with your readers the recipes you bake at home.

7. Health and Fitness

For the health of your brain and body sleep is more important. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, sowing anxiety and worry along with it, getting a healthy amount of quality sleep probably isn’t as easy as it used to be.

And getting good sleep is more important now than ever.

Right now heath is very important and you need to cover some popular topics that might be useful.


“How to strengthen immune system” also trending “healthy diet”

don’t forget about mental health, which is also affected by coronavirus. Most of the people are stressed, worried and scared. So you can create content on “how to overcome stress” or “meditation”

Above content Ideas from growth marketing agency have been designed especially to help businesses stand strong in tough times

Times are harsh and when pandemics like Coronavirus occur, we all must stand together and prepare with full strength for quick recovery.

If you have any queries related to Coronavirus and how to secure your business from this threat, Email us at and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

All the best and stay safe!

Which content idea you will find helpful?

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