20 Off Page SEO Techniques For Massive Growth in 2023

Anyone can use SEO to rank well on Google, expand their business, and earn money online. It only requires up to date information on how Google works, using off page SEO techniques and taking action.

In this blog you will learn about 20 off page seo techniques including popular websites, domain authority, page authority and more.

Before we get started with the list of off page seo techniques, here is a quick review of the basics.

What is off page SEO?

Off page SEO refers to operations carried out away from a website with the goal of improving its search engine rankings. Building backlinks, promoting branded searches, and boosting social media engagement and shares are typical off page SEO strategies.

Basically, off-page SEO is everything you do outside of your website to influence Google and other search engines to recognize your website.

Why is off page SEO important?

The best results for a particular query should be returned by a search engine. But how do search engines choose which websites should rank first? We will respond to this with an example:

You heard that a girl with red hair is very well-liked while you are still a new student at the college. How did you arrive at that judgement? since you overheard numerous kids discussing her. This piece of information helps you decide that she must be something.

The same principles apply to search engines. Search engines utilize this information to gauge a website’s “popularity” when many websites link to it. If your website is well-liked, it must be reliable, genuine, and relevant and as a result merits a higher rating.

Below listed off page seo techniques have been tried and tested & may be used for all niches to improve ranking.

1. Create shareable content

When it comes to SEO, amazing content is always KING. A clever strategy for generating more and more natural backlinks to our website or blog is to create outstanding and shareable content. Conduct regular research to keep your content updated.

2. Guest contributions

Guest contributions means pushing content with backlinks to your website from a third party website. Although this off page SEO technique has been heavily used over the last five years and it still adds value.

You need to create unique content that offers your target audience and provide helpful information in order to contribute guest articles. What you need to do is find the websites that are relevant to your sector and will benefit greatly from this information. Send them an email and let them know how it will help them.

Now the question arises how you can find guest contribution websites? So, you can use the search operators listed below:

  • keyword intitle:”write for us”
  • keyword intitle:”write for me”
  • Keyword intitle:”contribute to”
  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “guest post by”
  • Keyword “accepting guest posts”
  • Keyword “guest post guidelines”
  • Keyword “guest author”
  • Keyword “guest article”
  • Keyword “become a contributor”
off page seo techniques

3. Participate in online discussions

People can get a lot of useful information on Q&A and community websites like Reddit and Quora, which are also very popular. This is the reason why millions of individuals use these websites to find reliable responses to their inquiries. Engagement on these sites ought to be a component of your off-page SEO strategy for this reason.

Get involved on all the community websites and add value by providing insightful responses. Passively mention your company and your area of expertise during this. Provide a link to a specific blog or resource if it addresses the same or a related question. You may get a lot of organic and referral traffic from this.

List of Q&A Websites

off page seo techniques

4. Use Google My Business

Another free Google product is Google My Business. You can improve your local SEO rating by optimizing it. There are numerous locations where the content and links can be cleverly optimized; as a result, we can produce a respectable amount of social traffic and brand recognition.

Tips for Google My Business

  • Ensure your 250-character description is appropriate.
  • Make sure your city name is included in the opening paragraph.
  • Update the posts, galleries, items, and deals frequently.
  • Keep an eye on your reviews and respond right away.
  • Upload true images into the appropriate categories.

5. Create Infographics

Infographic generates 37.5% more backlinks than a standard blog post. Because visual material draws more eyes than plain text. Make valuable infographics for your target audience and distribute them extensively online.

Since infographic development is centered on the creation of assets rather than asking for connections, it is a great method for link building. Infographic creation is quite simple when using tools like Canva. Test it out!

Infographic submission site

off page seo techniques

6. Reviews Businesses

Although this off page strategy is not widely used, it is completely effective. Finding companies in your niche with few favorable reviews and reviewing them is the trick. Many companies have reviews and testimonials pages on their websites and connect back to the companies that have provided the reviews. There are a few backlinks coming from new websites.

7. Give interviews

Many news and entrepreneurship websites conduct interviews with business leaders and discuss start-ups. Make contact with these platforms to cover your business. The majority of these websites have links to the company websites. If you ask us, this off page strategy is really simple!

8. Internal Linking

A cornerstone content plan is an essential off-page SEO tactic this year to raise the website’s position. Addition of the most significant news items and articles to your website along with the appropriate citation links constitutes cornerstone content. With this kind of content approach, you have a fantastic chance to have internal linking that is optimized. Keep in mind that a good interlinking strategy will aid you in increasing the rate at which your website is indexed. Your new blogs and website pages will rank higher as a direct result of increasing the crawl and indexing rates.

9. Broken Link Building

A lesser-known off-page SEO strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks is broken link building. Finding broken links is the trick, which is as easy as identifying the relevant domains and running a backlink analysis. 

You need to contact the website’s owner and kindly suggest that your resource link with relevant material be used in place of the broken link. They would be delighted to link to you if your content is suitable and excellent.

10. Social Bookmarking

One of the easiest ways to acquire visitors right away is through social bookmarking. To employ it or not, nevertheless, is a topic of much discussion. The top social bookmarking websites include StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, and Reddit. If you’re going to use it, make sure to develop a catchy tagline with useful information inside to give your article a boost.

Social bookmarking sites

off page seo techniques

11. Forum Submission

Join discussion boards on search engines that are relevant to your website and company, and establish relationships there. Comment on topics, respond to queries, and offer suggestions and counsel. Use forums with “Do-Follow” links.

List of High DA Forums

off page seo techniques

12. Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms are heavily used by people, therefore it makes perfect sense to take advantage of them to expand the audience for your content and establish the authority of your website. There are several ways to use social media to generate SEO mileage, from setting up social profiles and increasing their authority to taking part in social communities and sharing links.

Here’s how you can use this off page strategy

Share fresh web pages, blogs, or videos as soon as they are published on all of your social media platforms. Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups to raise its visibility even more. Many social media platforms also provide do-follow connections that boost rankings.

Below are the most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2022, ranked by number of monthly active users.

Image Source – www.statista.com

13. Video Submission

Visit well-known video submission websites if you wish to gain popularity for your videos. The title, description, tags, and reference links should be appropriate. It is one of the more common methods for obtaining quality backlinks. because all video submission websites have high PR.

Video submission sites

off page seo techniques

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14. Backlinks through commenting

These days people may not read entire blogs, but many of them do read the comments to find out what other people think. Insightful comments will always get attention, and there is a good probability that readers will click the link it contains. You will still receive a backlink even if they don’t and your remark with the link is published.

One of the simplest ways to build backlinks for your website and even increase traffic is through blog comments. As a result, incorporate blog comments into your off-page SEO technique. Even though less than 20% of comments containing links are published, the time and effort are still worthwhile.

15. Article Submission

Submit your articles in a directory with a high page rank. Links to your website are another option. Ensure the quality and originality of your content. Content with poor quality and excessive keyword stuffing may be rejected. Select the appropriate category and give your article a catchy title.

Article submission sites

off page seo techniques

16. Internal Linking

This is an essential off-page SEO technique  this year to raise the website’s position. Addition of the most significant news items and articles to your website along with the appropriate citation links constitutes cornerstone content. With this kind of content approach, you have a fantastic chance to have internal linking that is optimized. Keep in mind that a good interlinking strategy will aid you in increasing the rate at which your website is indexed. Your new blogs and website pages will rank higher as a direct result of increasing the crawl and indexing rates.

17. Grow network

Build strong connections with the owners of industry websites, opinion leaders, and content producers. To begin, include them in your content. Maintain contact through social media and add value by participating in comments. LinkedIn and Twitter are excellent venues for this.

If networking is done consistently and honestly, your contacts will undoubtedly give back to you by sharing your material or referencing your business in their content, which will help you climb the rankings ladder. This off-page SEO tactic can also help you gain valuable backlinks!

18. Distribute content for SEO mileage

We don’t only mean the most well-known platforms when we say share your content on popular platforms. You might be unaware of the popular content sharing sites used by millions of people around the world to find information. Find appropriate platforms through research and upload your material there.

Upload case studies and corporate documents, for instance, to doc sharing platforms like Scribd, Academia, and SlideShare. Create podcasts and upload them to sites like Dailymotion, Podbean, YouTube, and Vimeo. There will be opportunities to create links if you publish your content on a variety of platforms.

19. Create news roundups

This strategy is frequently used by seasoned SEO professionals. The secret is to first develop link resources, and then to inform the websites you specified about the feature. Businesses typically link to such news and acknowledge it in their upcoming blogs.

The same is true for news aggregators. When you start regularly posting industry news and updates, other people start citing it as a source of information. It’s a very basic off page seo techniques.

20. Document Sharing

Make eye-catching documents for your company or blog. The files should be in either pdf or ppt format, and the content should be original. Send these papers to websites that allow document sharing.

We hope you found our off page seo techniques to be helpful. We want to hear your thoughts now:

Which advice from the current guide would you like to attempt first? Will you create shareable content? Or you will participate in online discussion.

In either case, please let me know straight away by leaving a comment below.

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