How to Get Software Projects Online in 2021

I’m going to tell you my personal experience..

At first I’m just another person who wants to pursue my career in web designing. I started learning things about web designing. After a point where I’m confident that I can make websites for others, that’s where I got struck.

First I didn’t have a portfolio and second I don’t know how to get software projects online since I’m new to the freelance world. It is extremely difficult for me to get software projects online because I was a beginner in freelancing..

So after that I researched how to get software projects online, almost 90% of professionals said start a portfolio. Starting a portfolio is not a big deal, but what I’m going to put in my previous projects that I’ve done?

So what I did is simple, I dropped my idea about creating a portfolio for now and started focusing on getting projects..instead of wasting my time on freelance websites at first, I approached shops, friends and relatives..

I told them what I am good at and at first I did it for free.. because doing free at first is not a big problem And the people who I approached at first are the people who know me.. So they will give projects.. And secondly I’m doing it for free.. Who doesn’t want to do it for free.. So they gave me a few projects that are worth mentioning in my portfolio now..

During those projects, I learned a lot.. You see, designing a website for a novice is not a big deal cause they don’t know anything.. So whatever you show them, they will like.. Designing for people who know things is difficult.. That’s where actual web designer work will be used in full potential..

After those free projects I build my portfolio, now I have few clients who absolutely love my work.. And they are coming to me with new projects and they are referring me to their friends..

So no matter who you are designing for, just give your best.. Make your projects more attractive and powerful than the previous one you did.. By this way you will get many clients..

And last thing is, designing a portfolio is going to be a tough job.. Well it should be tough.. Cause portfolio is where you go to show people what you are good at.. So use every skill you learned at most levels.. So people will get attracted by your work even before they talk to you about the project..

That’s how I did it for me.. My portfolio attracted so many.. Even a few people mentioned to me “honestly I didn’t research your projects.. I liked your portfolio, so I’m giving you this project”.. So apart from your previous projects and how good you are to clients, your portfolio plays a major role.. So once you have done enough projects to show, start building your stunning portfolio..

Above all is my personal experience…..

Below are the more ways that will help you exactly how to get software projects online globally in 2021.

Create a website :- Make sure to work on the website. Your client should be able to get answers to questions he’s looking for. Telling about your work culture, team and specialized services will help in making a great impact. Also, keep updating your website from time to time.

Make sure your website is neat, user-friendly, visually pleasing, informative, and most importantly, memorable. That is all a client needs to choose you over the others.

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Social media platforms :- we all knew that social media would be an incredible resource for us to get software projects online.These days, almost everyone has a personal Instagram or Facebook page. We all know how to navigate the platform, like, comment, and chat with our friends—it’s basically second nature.

But getting projects on social media is a whole different thing. For that Choose the platforms where your ideal clients hang out.Your every social account should have your logo or photo, description, and contact information and stay active. 

Create case study :- To get software projects online case study is must, because this is what you can show to your future client. Basically your case study shows how you solve real-life problems for real customers. And how it is helpful for them.

You have to craft your case study in a story format and show the entire format how to design and develop. Include relevant images and screenshots of the product throughout. And add real facts and figures to keep it clear.

Stay active on LinkedIn :- Since you’re asking about LinkedIn, I will assume you’re talking about a business development approach rather than just finding and responding to RFPs.

In that case, your goal is to ask questions. Do not send people messages saying “hey, we provide this service that I think you might like”; that is a waste of time. Instead, say “hey, I run a software company and we’ve worked with clients that are similar to your business for X,Y,Z reasons. I’m very curious to learn more about [X, Y, or Z] because [invent a reason]—would you be open to a quick phone call at some point to chat about it?”

If you’re geographically close to the prospect, swap out phone calls for a coffee meeting or whatever.

software projects online

Use job Boards :- It would be much easier to attract new customers when you can show them some numbers (e.g. apply rates).

And on the other hand taking money from customers without providing any results would destroy their trust. And trust is everything in the business.

Here are a few tips for you on how to get software projects to start using your job board:

  • Using Your Existing Network
  • Searching for Companies Hiring in Your Niche
  • Convincing Employers to Try You Out

Use SEO services :- SEO is a great way to generate new leads for your software business. When more and more people visit your website, you will get more inquiries through phone or email. You will get a constant stream of new customers without spending any money on advertising. Even successful software companies need SEO because markets change all the time.

For your SEO strategy to be effective, it’s crucial that you identify the proper keywords that potential customers use, so that your website is geared towards those keywords. 

A lot of people say that SEO services are expensive but actually it isn’t if you hire the right folks.

Outreach businesses :- To start, you will need a website or online portfolio that you can direct potential clients to. You could then do some outreach to offer your services to them.

You can use LinkedIn to find information about certain influential people related to your niche such as founders or CEOs of software startups. Add them to your prospects list. Get in touch with them through email or over the phone.

Now Its Your Turn

So that’s it from my side on how to get software projects online.

Now I like to hear what you have to say. which way are you going to try first? Do you plan something else?

Or maybe you want to leverage LinkedIn first. let me know in the comment section below.

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